Crazy texting. (ABC)

The GH Rant from October 27 – 31:

This week might have had a few low points but the rest was just to die for. It was replete with too many funny quotes to mention, newly invented Halloween traditions to further a storyline and scheming women plotting out revenge…oh and Franco too. Did you laugh, smile, and cry?

Oh, for Heaven’s sake.
The addition of Beggar’s Night raised eyebrows even in Port Charles as they tried to make light of the fact that someone planned a wedding on Halloween that screwed up Josslyn’s plans. Mostly it was just to hook up Spencer and Josslyn so they could put their heads together and get him invited to her mom’s wedding. The whole plot point wasn’t as ridiculous as how little time it took for Patrick and Sam to make it to Spoon Island with Cam and Emma. That place is literally a hop, skip and jump from the launch.

For shame!
Shameful slights took place this week as Sonny continued to withhold the truth from Michael, along with Morgan, Kiki, and Carly. Madeline took the cake though when she convinced Sam and Silas that Danny’s cancer returned. Perhaps it would be nicer to believe that Madeline’s intent for helping was to bring Sam and Silas back together. Shame on Ava for being a mobster without a gun and bigger shame on Shawn and Jordan for being duped by Heather and Franco. Oh man, that was good. Yes, shame on them, but what entertainment it all was.

Give me a break.
Give us all a break. Did Faux Luke appear on the Quartermaine patio? If you know Larry Ashton’s past history with Tracy, it doesn’t seem at all far-fetched that the man shanghaied in burlap could be the man who was parading around as Luke. Here’s to another timeout. It just better not be months until the story wraps up. Even more tiring was not being privy to whatever Jordan continued to bait Shawn with.