“Your title is as phony as your teeth.” – Tracy Quartermaine

A “General Hospital” throwback to the late eighties finds a phony in Port Charles going up against the likes of the Quartermaines.

Tracy Quartermaine got more than what she bargained for recently when she demanded that Jerry Jacks give her back her husband. He obliged and gave her just what she asked for, her husband, well one of her husbands. Tracy’s first husband to be exact, who just might be her recent husband if he is associated with Jerry in any way which would make him as big a disappointment to her as he was when he returned to Port Charles in the eighties with his new wife, Arielle.

In 1988, Tracy planned to get rich off the spoils of her ex-husband, Lord Larry Ashton, when he was determined to find a key known as the Dragon Bone which was needed in his search for a long-lost Chinese civilization. Tracy was quite persuasive in convincing Larry it was in his best interest to give her and their son Ned a cut when she threatened to reveal he wasn’t a true heir to the Ashton name. In an effort to keep up appearances Larry agreed. Unfortunately his quest lost momentum due to Robert Scorpio’s dog having buried the Dragon Bone and no one scored a payday.

Following his failed escapade which left him in debt, Larry was able to continue on with his charade of portraying Lord Ashton. At some point after leaving Port Charles however, the truth came out. Do you remember how he lost his title? Vote in Soaps.com’s Throwback Thursday Poll to tell us.