What I know. (ABC)

The GH Rant from October 20 – 24:

The childish, a bit of the mundane and more mystery furthered plots along this week. Despite leaving out the most anticipated reveal so far, things could be worse.

For shame!
Julian messing with Ned. Childish – totally not the polished Julian Jerome of this decade. Of late however the show has turned into the battle of the bad couples. Between Ned, Julian, Alexis and Olivia and Sonny, Carly and Franco, nothing is working. Well, maybe Brad and Lucas are despite Bobbie’s interference. She was batting a thousand in trying to get her son a job at the hospital as a doctor. Oh, sure, Brad can put in a good word with Dr. O.

It’s about time.
Premonition time that is. Olivia needed to keep up the good work to keep Sonny on top if his A game. It was exciting that Franco thought enough to include Heather in the demise of her favorite person, ‘Snarly’. He had an agenda and wanting Heather at the wedding was a nice surprise, but not as nice as Carly’s surprise of finding out she was to be wed on the Haunted Star. Isn’t it every girl’s dream to have her betrothed plan her wedding? It really was hard to tell which one to feel sorry for…Carly for the weird turn of events by Franco, or Heather for what might happen to her after Sonny’s done with her. She did look absolutely radiant at the news that she would play a part in Franco’s wedding plans. Franco on the other hand was looking a tad bit like the old Franco. Eerily creepy.

Who am I?
Stone Chatty was asking a lot of questions. It’s a wonderful thing for Jason really. His possible recognition of Franco’s name indicates hope that Jason will snap to and remember who he is before the fall of Carly on her wedding day. Everybody seemed to recognize Jason in some way in him but then not at all. It may be a short wait, but it feels as long as waiting to find out who Julian is working for. If viewers can’t have both stories completed at the same time, having Jason break free of his amnesia would be a welcomed event.

Together Again.
Two highlights before closing out the week were Carly thinking she knew ‘Jake’ and Sonny talking to Connie in the Quartermaine crypt. Carly’s look of recognition was a heart stopper and it was hard to accept that she didn’t complete the connection. Connie trying to balance out Sonny’s flaws again were heartfelt and it will be sad if he doesn’t make what he did right somehow instead of giving Ava and Franco all of the power.