The uninvited.

A “General Hospital” throwback to the eighties finds Port Charles’ residents celebrating the famous fall nuptials of two of its town heroes.

Not many are thrilled to be invited to the upcoming wedding of Franco and Carly. With the exception of Heather, Franco who gifted Carly the evil eye pendant complete with a video cam is the only person looking forward to the event which he has single-handedly cursed. A wedding in the eighties, although in direct contrast given the number of people who loved the happy couple, similarly suffered under the curse of another.

In the fall of 1981, Luke and Laura finally were ready to begin their life together. On their wedding day, the couple did all the normal things that couples do with their respective wedding party members at their side. Luke however had to get Robert to dismiss Helena Cassadine’s emissary who beseeched Luke to attend Helena’s reception. Luke’s negative response elicited the wrath he expected from Helena. She attended Luke and Laura’s wedding unannounced and in seclusion watched as vows were exchanged. During the cutting of the cake following Robert’s toast, Helena cursed them both.

As a prelude to Helena’s curse, gifts were sent to both Luke and Laura the morning of their wedding. Do you remember what they received? Vote in’s Throwback Thursday Poll to tell us.