Honeymoon's over. (ABC)

The GH Rant from October 13 – 17:

Some weeks should contain more soap viewing days. This week was definitely one that could have delivered more must see TV viewing hours. A build-up to Halloween is hardly noteworthy with all the drama that has transpired in the past few days. Are you on the edge of your seat?

Billy Miller, putting a face to the name.
Now Jason is the chatty type and I’m willing to bet he’ll keep the name Jake when his true identity is revealed. I loved Steve Burton and his representation of Jason, but it is time for the new era of Jason Morgan to begin. Makeup did an incredible job of leaving viewers with a hint of familiarity about Billy Miller’s face. His new Jason persona is welcoming so far. Fan ‘oltllover’ commented, “Billy is a cutie and personally I am glad he is not ‘jason-y’.” It’s easy to look forward to the coming weeks and whatever this storyline has in store for us even if it involves Helena Cassadine and Jerry Jacks.

How could they get it wrong?
Yes, as many could have predicted, there’d come a time when the dregs of Port Charles society would make their presence known. Jerry and Helena cemented themselves into a questionable storyline that already left viewers pondering the question of who Faux Luke is for far too long. Truth be known, it is not likely that Jerry was the one parading around as Luke Spencer so in my world, I think there is another Helena minion out there. The story started to seem weak around the point that Jerry didn’t know Michael was in charge of ELQ. Not possible. Every move in ELQ makes the news, unless Julian was too busy with Sonny or Alexis. The twist to this storyline had better be great.

Too soon?
Apparently the powers that be couldn’t make the leap to stretch out labor until Halloween. That’s probably a good thing. As it looks now Ava could be ruining Sonny’s plans to eliminate Franco. He might have a problem focusing on two revenge killings in the same month. Shawn’s long list of candidates with motive was a big fail since most were family and friends of Sonny. It was perplexing how he came up with Heather. It seems a stretch, but hey, Halloween’s coming up, Heather should come out to play. Can you say BLT?