A ransom for a ransom

A throwback to the “General Hospital” 1987 finds Port Charles’ high-stakes adventurers doing good deeds in the Biscayne Islands.

Tracy Quartermaine became the latest victim of extortion recently when Jerry Jacks decided that she should hand over ELQ as ransom to save Luke. Her adventure taking on Jerry with Patrick and Sam in Amsterdam was a tad reflective of a similar shakedown in the Biscayne Islands in the eighties.

In 1987, anyone who was anyone took a flight out of Port Charles to bargain with freedom fighters in the Biscayne Island. In their possession was the long-lost husband of Greta Ingstrom, Eric Ingstrom, whom they held for a ransom of one million dollars. Sean, Robert, Anna, Duke and Camilla headed there to meet up with Greta and offer assistance in the matter. Things turned ugly when the person she brought with her to negotiate and pay up decided that not one penny of the million dollars should be used for anything related to war. Ramos, the head of the freedom fighters disagreed and planned to do what he wanted with the money. He decided he didn’t want to negotiate anymore with the party willing to pay and demanded to have Sean Donely handle the matter with him. The whole event turned into a farce as musical hostages wound down ending up with Sean and Robert facing a firing squad. They escaped after explosives diverted everyone.

Greta’s guest in the Biscayne Islands was a Quartermaine who was tasked with paying the ransom. Do you remember which one decided to help Greta rescue Eric? Vote in Soaps.com’s Throwback Thursday Poll to tell us.