Seriously? (ABC)

The GH Rant from October 6 – 10:

Minor and major annoyances didn’t take away from the sweet little vignettes that played out this week in Port Charles. The good outweighed the bad, even though the bad was quite ugly at times.

What was creepier?
Perhaps the writers were beginning to build up to the Halloween episode early with a series of creepy incidents. It was hard to determine which was creepier, Silas admitting he was seeing his wife, Nina and Franco spying on Sonny and Carly, Sonny and Carly reminiscing in the buff at Michael’s, Tracy leering at Patrick in a towel with the same look she gave Nik once, or Nina looking turned on after learning Franco was a serial killer. Maybe that is why she ran to Silas eager to make a baby later.

Deep love.
Oh, the reasons they are not meant to be, let us count them. Sonny’s belief that theirs is a deep love is going to get a whole lot of people in deep doo-doo. Franco was the saddest character on daytime this week until Sonny was seen dealing with his own troubles at the gym. Not again. He duked it out with his demons until he was struck with an epiphany to kill Franco. It’s all in a day’s work for the gangster. Carly will be sad next when she learns the truth about her glaringly gouache necklace. It’s a shame, Carly rocked that necklace with the black blouse and blue patterned skirt.

Nina running through the hospital was one of the best moments she’s given us as Silas caught her red-handed. Her bad-girl silent look was beautifully played as well as Silas’ stunned deer in the headlights look. Oh baby, he’s on to her now. Bring it on! These two looked to be ready for a huge smack-down fight. Silas better dish out some of what she’s been serving everyone.

Too bad Carlos isn’t on more. It’s wonderful how he’s Sabrina’s moral compass. He was sad too after learning Ava tricked him into believing she had Sabrina run off the road. Maybe Sonny can get him blamed for Franco’s demise if he pulls it off. If anything happens to Nina though, that will have to be blamed on Rosalie who’s having as bad a time with her boss as Carlos had with Ava. Rosalie faced her own moral dilemma and looked to be failing.