“I’ll wait for you forever.” – Anna Devane

A throwback to the “General Hospital” winter of 1986 finds another couple put out by a judge’s actions in Port Charles.

The judge in Maxie’s custody case hearing became a little preachy recently when he found her on a date with her intended new love interest, Nathan. Another judge in the eighties needed some convincing to back off when plans to incarcerate Duke Lavery threatened to put a hold on his relationship with Anna Devane.

In 1986 Duke was facing the threat of jail time for his refusal to testify against the Jerome mob family and others. An adamant judge was not swayed by the safety concerns for Duke, Anna or Robin. Anna wasn’t pleased with Duke’s plan to protect her family with his silence and was determined to testify against the mob herself but Duke gave in. Prior to his sentencing, Duke was allowed to spend time with Anna in a safehouse agreed upon by the judge at Robert’s request.

Keeping Duke safe was no easy task and Robert’s influence included asking for protection for him while serving his time. Before that, do you remember what location served as a safehouse to protect Duke?

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Where was the safe-house?

Apartment over Kelly’s Diner.
Sean Donely’s penthouse.
Stables on Spoon Island.
The Haunted Star.
The Metro Court.

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– Violette DeSantis