Nurse in crisis.

Nurse Sabrina Santiago has a lot on her plate after returning from a trip home to recover following the loss of baby Gabriel at the supposed hands of Victor Cassadine. Unfortunately the accident that claimed Gabriel’s life was so diabolically well-planned that many of Port Charles’ ruthless couldn’t help but hint their own association with the crime including Faux Luke and Ava Jerome. Both couldn’t resist the need to manipulate others with the fear that they were that cool, calm and calculated and it left Sabrina misinformed. This resulted in her downward spiral that led to attempted murder and mayhem.

This week’s’s “General Hospital” poll provides a short list of nurses for your consideration in determining where Sabrina is at emotionally. Please reply in the comments while is between poll providers.

Sabrina is?

Nurse Betty, delusional.
Nurse Ratched, wicked.
Nurse Annie Wilkes, delusional and wicked.
Nurse Amy Vining, just a gossip.
None of the above, she’s a Florence Nightingale gone astray.

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– Violette DeSantis