John Doe. (ABC)

The GH Rant from September 29 – October 3:

More questionable acts and post-murderous mayhem ensued in Port Charles this week that left us wanting just a little bit more. Popcorn anyone?

Oh, for Heaven’s sake.
Just when we thought we were over Maxie stroking a man’s ego and then declaring she needed to be alone. It’s time for her to get past that. Nathan needed to shut Maxie up with a kiss. What on earth could Maxie possibly need to know about Nathan that she doesn’t already know? Oh, and another, ‘meet me where I’m going to be if you change your mind’ scenario. Geez, that’s never been done before. At least with a Maxie storyline you can expect a bit of humor and her trip to visit Morgan to get relationship advice paid-off in spades. One could almost picture those two hooking-up after the way they made sense of each other somehow. His admission that he agreed to help just to get her to stop talking was the icing on the cake. The funny thing was that much of what he had to say ironically had more to do with him and Ava than with Maxie and Nathan.

No body, no gun.
And so it is with Michael, daddy has taken away the bad man and all is right in the world. “Life goes on,” quotes the young Corinthos. Kiki was the yin to that yin-yang storyline. I loved her struggle with lying to Michael. Her tears were probably a hundred more times real compared to Ava’s struggle to confess her lame story that didn’t measure up to even half of the truth. It’s a surprising thing that Kiki has any moral fiber in her at all given who her mother is. Most viewers are probably waiting for the whole truth and nothing but the truth to come out about Ava.

The evil eye.
Franco’s front row seat to a day in the life of Carly was so Franco…and so bizarre given the backdrop of him and Nina speculating. It’s not that I want her to get caught, but I do want to see the return of the character that is Franco, even if it means Carly has to wear out that atrocious necklace. Anticipating which way Carly will fall and what Franco will do on Halloween after he caught her giving in to Sonny’s advances has me on the edge of my seat.