“When two people are in love, they shouldn’t keep secrets.” – Duke Lavery

A throwback to “General Hospital” in the late eighties finds a couple in love threatened by enemies and the secrets they keep from one another in Port Charles.

Anna presently holds an obsession with the warring mob factions in town and was quite pleased at Jordan’s disclosure recently about the illegal activities performed by the Jerome and Corinthos families. It was not unlike her obsession with the Jeromes in the eighties or the reciprocal obsession that another Jerome had over her and Duke.

In the summer of 1988 Anna had to deal with the insanity of Olivia Jerome who had set her sights on Duke Lavery. She aimed to make Anna’s life miserable while continuing to berate her father for his weak and sentimental feelings for Duke and Anna’s love that was reminiscent of his own love for Olivia’s mother. Victor implored Olivia to allow Duke to love Anna without her interference. Unbeknownst to Duke and the Jeromes, Anna had betrayed them by video recording mob meetings from the apartment above the Jerome offices. She kept this secret despite Duke’s attempt at full disclosure of his involvement with the Jeromes before whisking her away to their cabin to rebuild their relationship.

While Anna was away with Duke making plans to have Duke’s baby, someone in the Jerome organization found Anna’s video camera in the apartment closet. Do you remember who? Please share in the comments below.

Who found the hidden camera?

Dino Jerome.
Julian Jerome.
Olivia Jerome.
Victor Jerome.
Cheryl Stansbury.

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– Violette DeSantis