Credit: Again with this? (ABC)

The GH Rant from September 22 – 26:

Storylines got meatier and juicier and some heated face-offs between mobsters and lovers rejuvenated the pace of happenings in Port Charles this week. Despite some disjointedness in a few stories, can you feel Fall sweeps approaching?

Oh, for Heaven’s sake.
Stone Cold turned into Stone Silent and remained faceless in an annoying series of events between him and Robin that was nothing but boorish until he jumped out of a moving car. Fans were point on about a lot of the annoyances, including the bland disclosure by Robin to him that he was Danny’s father. In an even stranger turn of events, it was inexplicable how Anna made it back to the Metro Court from Crichton Clark for an evening with Duke before everyone else made it to the hospital to have their cuts and bruises checked out at GH.

For shame!
Sabrina, all for shame. She continued to be obsessed for all the wrong reasons. Where was Felix in all this mess? Girlfriend needs someone to drag her out of her funk. Her storyline ran rogue through the week and was as boring as Stone Cold’s.

We’ve still got it.
Duke thinks he and Anna ‘still got it’, but do they? It seemed the only spark of romance between the two of them was jealousy. Their love life may be more twisted than what festers between Sonny and Carly. The digression of Lucy dumping her Scott and Bobbie troubles on Duke caused minimal entertainment and a surprising outcome that seemed forced as if the writers just wanted to get that story out of the way. Who really had it was Morgan for Ava who asked her to stay and offered to ‘get close’ to Sonny to protect her. She showed another spark of her humanity when she admitted not wanting to get between him and his father.

Show me your guns.
Meanwhile, in the total hotness category of relationships, Shawn and Jordan rocked. There’s nothing hotter than two lovers with their weapons drawn in the heat of the moment except perhaps Julian posturing with Alexis over how he was more her type than Ned, ‘the overgrown preppy’. Julian may have been out of line and presumptuous but he does have Alexis’ number.