Somewhere to run to.

A throwback to the early eighties has someone disclosing a secret room in Port Charles amongst other things on “General Hospital.”

While cops and criminals prepared to escape Crichton-Clark recently, Victor Cassadine wasn’t sweating the small stuff as he bragged about the hidden tunnels that would aide in his escape during the WSB’s infiltration of the clinic. The bad guys aren’t always the ones with a secret hideaway as proven in the eighties when a WSB agent’s penthouse is overrun with Cassadine henchmen.

In 1981 Luke woke up from a lethal dose of drugs given to him by a Cassadine and found himself hiding in Robert’s secret room in his penthouse. The moment proved productive as Robert disclosed how he was a WSB secret agent known as CK8. Robert had a little help getting rid of Cassadine’s men from his quick-thinking partner O’Reilly who outwitted them. Once freed and knowing they are on the same team, Luke and Robert put their heads together in their search for the Ice Princess after Luke recovered.

The two never found the Ice Princess following O’Reilly’s rescue of them, but they did learn who did. Do you remember who did and what happened to it that left Luke confident that he would recover it again? Please share in the comments below.