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Julie’s General Blogspittle
(Week of April 13 – 17)

I loved the double pregnancy test cliffhanger! Regardless of Carly and Claudia’s outcome, the way they shot both women facing their ‘stick’ dilemma was really cool. I especially loved when Jason said, “I don’t want to touch it.” Now that’s a friend!

We know that Sarah Joy Brown signed a new contract in January, so I’m assuming that Sonny doesn’t have her whacked. But still, I can’t stop wondering how that would play out if he did. Would he shoot her himself? Would he have Jason do it? It makes me uncomfortable to think about, yet here I am, thinking about it.

I don’t know about you, but I recoiled when Rebecca laid into Helena for being such a wicked witch. Doesn’t that girl know who she’s dealing with? If she’s truly not in cahoots with Helena, she has a bull’s eye on her forehead now if she didn’t already. And in this case, I’d kind of like to see the old lady succeed. I wasn’t a big Emily fan, and the mouthier, less sophisticated version isn’t doing much for me either.

There was another instance last week that made my jaw drop. How about when Robin slapped Patrick for spying on her while she went out on a date and even made out with another guy? Everyone knows that a man shouldn’t raise a hand to a woman, but I don’t get why some women think it’s okay to hit a man. We’re the first to whine and complain about a double standard except when it suits us. Every time I see a woman smack a man I am ashamed of my gender.