Credit: Something new. (ABC)

The GH Rant from September 15 – 19:

There was lots of bonding, trickery and deceit in a week that had its pluses and minuses but maybe that was only if you were keeping track of who returned from the dead versus who died. Did every day feel like Friday?

Give me a break.
Not Victor! Did he have to die? Seriously, okay, maybe he didn’t actually die, but for argument’s sake Helena could have stayed dead and Victor could have lived. Sure, let’s throw Constance Towers some love for playing the “General Hospital” villain of the last decade. She held her own even while others came and went. She’s sure to offer up some new excitement in Port Charles to torture the Spencer family again but it was at the expense of Victor. The writers did the dance. It was one step forward and two steps back. For a moment it was easy to be tired of it all. When Lulu fake-passed out it was dreadful and most certainly a collective sigh of “Oh, here we go again” interrupted our thoughts, as it did when Robin saw Helena. The whole escape was most exciting, maybe more so than Lulu’s last rescue, although I did think, “Where’s Spinelli when you need him?” Cop and spy skills were at a minimum during this rescue. It was a good thing the guns always fell into the right hands so all the good guys could battle efficiently. Robert’s rogue WSB agents came well in advance to lend Anna an assist.

For shame!
Shame on me for loving the evil Stavros Cassadine scenes. Loved, loved, and loved them! Shame on Helena for swooping in after his death to carry out his dastardly plan. Shame on Obrecht for finishing Victor off, if that is what she did, and double shame for keeping Nathan’s father’s name a secret. Perhaps it is Faux Luke…whoever he is. Inquiring minds need to know if the Cassadines own any real estate without hidden catacombs.

Oh, for Heaven’s sake.
Yes, Jason Morgan is no ordinary man. He was also a man without a face. He had hands though, which if I might say so myself, were hands down the best acting hands in the soap industry. This writer has already made a request to nominate them for next year’s’s Sudzies. Despite the attempt to hold back the Jason-face reveal, it was interesting to have the juxtaposition of him and Robin reuniting while Sam and Patrick got closer together back home. That little get-together was fortunate and really nice but as both characters concluded, now may not be the time. Alexis was more excited by the whole affair than Sam was and their moment together discussing Patrick was too funny as she noted he was the cutest guy in Port Charles. Alexis better take a moment to note that Patrick is her daughter’s love interest, not her own distraction from Julian.