Taking a stab at it.

A late eighties “General Hospital” throwback in Port Charles finds another hostage situation involving a Jones family member.

Maxie Jones got over the squeamishness of having to take matters into her own hands and stab Peter Harrell Jr. to save Nathan’s life after he killed Peter Harrell Sr. Her hostage situation was only the most recent in a long line of similar good guy – bad guy showdowns. In the eighties, Maxie’s parents were involved in the GH cafe hostage crises that ended in a bizarre stabbing at the hands of Frisco.

In 1987 Frisco Jones had come on board with the WSB as an agent, a position that included dealing with the rival agency DVX. During this time, Dr. Barrett received directions to obtain an antidote for the MOX virus and kill key individuals in the process. Barrett’s jaunt at the hospital in search of the antidote became eventful when Sean recognized him and cornered him in the GH cafe. Barrett demanded the antidote with threats that he would release the virus into the hospital. Things took a turn for the worse when Bobbie and another were taken hostage in the elevator. Before the elevator doors opened on another floor, an altercation between Barrett and the other hostage occurred as Bobbie passed out from her direct contact with the MOX virus. During Barrett’s struggle, others in the hospital intervened and Frisco was able to stab him with the virus.

Bobbie of course survived, as did Barrett who was later helped by Robert to escape from prison with the same person he took as a hostage with Bobbie in the elevator. Do you remember who the other hostage was? Vote in Soaps.com’s Throwback Thursday Poll to tell us.