Kidnapping times two.

An early eighties throwback to “General Hospital” in Port Charles finds another instance of kidnapping at the hands of an artifact thief.

In a surprising twist recently it was discovered that Peter Harrell Jr. was working for Victor Cassadine who seemed mildly amused that he was able to hand over Lulu Falconeri to the insanely obsessed Stavros. He was brought back from the brink of death from the frozen state that Laura left him in when Lulu was rescued from her previous kidnapping. Coincidentally in the eighties Laura Spencer was mistakenly kidnapped by a non-Cassadine which led to a second unrelated kidnapping of her by the Cassadines.

In 1981, David Gray came onto the scene in search of the Treasures of Malkuth which were under the watch of the Ambassador of Malkuth in the Port Charles Museum. He didn’t immediately reveal that he was an heir eager to obtain a helmet and sword of the prized treasure collections. While planning his heist, Gray began following Laura Spencer in a case of mistaken identity that went unrealized until after he had hypnotized her and set her off to sea on a boat where she was later kidnapped by the Cassadines. Gray eventually kidnapped his intended target, Laura Templeton. Meanwhile, everyone thought Laura Spencer was drowned at sea. The incident led to another adventure for Luke with Robert, Tiffany, and Jackie Templeton when Luke sought revenge on Gray.

Laura Templeton was probably as confused as Laura Spencer over being kidnapped. Do you remember why David kidnapped Laura Templeton in the first place? Vote in’s Throwback Thursday Poll to tell us.