A going away party?

A throwback to Port Charles in the eighties finds a party given in someone’s honor because of a murder on “General Hospital.”

Recently Michael Corinthos attended an intimate dinner party for three for the macabre purpose of seeing where his biological father AJ Quartermaine died and unbeknownst to him, for it to serve as the backdrop for his own murder at the hands of Ava to appease Faux Luke. It was in stark contrast to a party that was to be held in the eighties for Jimmy Lee Holt following the murder of Susan Baldwin, mostly remembered as Alan’s ex-lover, Susan Moore.

In 1983, Edward shared with Lila, Alan and Monica how his illegitimate son, Jimmy Lee Holt, wanted the Quartermaines to throw him a party. Edward and Alan complained about Jimmy’s request for hand-written invitations to be sent to all the movers and shakers in Port Charles, his personal friends, and the press. Alan was certain it was a move on Jimmy’s part to shame or betray the family while Monica was worried that as a suspect in Susan Baldwin’s murder, she would be attending her own going away party. Lila Q. could have cared less for her family’s worries. She was enthralled at the aspect of throwing a party centered on the colors of Peruvian lilies and a flaming dessert and hoped to invite the new police commissioner, Robert Scorpio.

Edward thought Lila took a leave of her senses when she wanted to invite Robert who was investigating Susan’s murder even though Robert was aware of the circumstances surrounding Jimmy Lee’s request for the party. Vote in Soaps.com’s Throwback Thursday Poll to tell us why he wanted a party.