Sebastian is the kind of actor who seems very comfortable in his own skin and is very open to informal conversations. On both occasions in which I’ve interviewed him no particular time was set, he just provided me with his phone number and invited me to call. When I caught him recently, he asked if I minded if he ate while we talked. I didn’t mind at all, but I did find myself wondering what he was lunching on and how casually he was dressed for some reason. What struck me was how very comfortable he seemed.

He has only been gone from General Hospital for a few months, but he’s been involved in many projects. (Technically, he wasn’t ever really gone from GH because he went into the studio three or four times a month to work on those dastardly DVD messages from Jerry that paralyzed Claudia with fear.) Sebastian recently wrapped his work on a Steven Spielberg movie, “The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn”, with Daniel Craig. “Machine Gun Preacher”, the documentary about Africa that he’s working on is in post production. Plus, he’ll be traveling to Ecuador later this month for his work as the spokesperson for “Green Living Project” – a travel show that will promote green living all over the world. First of all, welcome back! When Jerry was on that exploding ship last fall, did you know then that he didn’t really die?

Sebastian: Yes, Bob Guza told me. Tell us about your time on time on “24”. Two episodes, right?

Sebastian: Actually, it was three episodes, counting “24 Redemption” the TV movie. It was a wonderful experience for me…really fabulous. You just seem to be the guy that writers just love to kill…sorry about that!

Sebastian: I know! What else have you been up to?

Sebastian: I’ve been reading a lot lately. I’m very much a dork and I love it. It’s funny, here in the United States the cool guys are the jocks. But, in France the cool guys are the dorks. If you’re smart in school you’re cool. So, are you a Kindle guy or ‘hands on’ book guy?

Sebastian: I like touching the book, but if the Kindle pushes a new generation to read, it’s fine. It’s all good as long as people keep reading. I mean why not find a new way of telling a story? If it’s digital then that’s fine as long as it enables you to use your intellect by reading. Speaking of technology, did you know that GH is now being broadcast in Sweden?

Sebastian: I just found out. I have a friend in Sweden who called me because the shows they started out with were The Metro Court hostage situation. Ahh, the good old days. If you could write your own storyline for GH, what would it be?

Sebastian: I’d like to come back as Mr. Craig. It would also be nice to continue the relationship with Alexis. I don’t know which direction they’re going in. I kind of loved being the bad guy though. Do you have an idea how long Jerry will be around? In other words, are you on recurring status at this time?

Sebastian: It’s just eight or nine episodes I believe. Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Are you open to coming back?

Sebastian: I love that group of people on GH . They’ve been so great to me. I love doing different things and whenever they want me back, I’ll be glad to come.

Here’s one fan who would be happy to see him as Jerry Jacks, Mr. Craig, or anyone that the writers see fit to make him portray. Anytime and often! It was a pleasure talking with Sebastian and he promised to be open to me checking in from time to time so that can keep his fans current on all things Sebastian. From the sound of things, there will be plenty.

– Julie Clark Robinson