Wear this in good health.

A throwback to 1986 finds another couple in Port Charles on “General Hospital” dealing with one of them trying to leave the mob.

While Alexis, Julian and their family deal with Julian’s association with the mob, it brings to mind Anna and Duke’s earlier connection to the mob in the eighties when Duke continued to do what he needed to do to survive.

In 1986 when Anna Devane served as a co-police chief, she was embroiled in an investigation that had more than one person working deep undercover in a mob money laundering operation that was further tainted with the internal PCPD corruption of Burt Ramsey. Anna worked diligently with Duke’s assistance to cripple the mob organization and was close to celebrating when she learned that one of her men who had been designated to fake their death actually suffered a death by poison. By the time she was notified of the situation and realized someone was on to them, another man sacrificing his safety for the betterment of Port Charles was already under the mob’s radar with his demise having been planned by the explosion of a rigged gold watch. Meanwhile, Burt was being honored at his retirement engagement.

While Burt was accepting a reward plaque, someone else was receiving the gold watch rigged with a bomb for their betrayal to the mob. Do you remember who it was? Vote in Soaps.com’s Throwback Thursday Poll to tell us.