Credit: Daddy troubles? (ABC)

The GH Rant from July 21 – 25:

There was no rest for the wicked or weary as major scheming, nail biting and a lover’s triangle revisited highlighted the events of the week.

Oh, for Heaven’s sake.
First annoyance of the week, shenanigans with Britt and Spence. Britt needed to act her age, she’s a doctor who shouldn’t be playing these games. Girlfriend was jumping back in the boat she just jumped out of. She should be so proud of herself, involved in two missing children catastrophes in her life. It’s starting to sound like a German fairy tale. And Spence, already with an alias and scheming on his own. Britt could hardly keep up. I can’t wait until he’s ready to run a real scam with Luke. Of course it will be easy under the noses of the PCPD if their attention to the kidnapping of a young prince is any indication of their attention to detail. Two people looking for Spence. Man, go all out Anna, that girl was busy with her clandestine meeting in the park.

Not wedding bells!
It’s time for Mac and Anna to investigate Levi…set innocent animals free. That story doesn’t jive. Sure it fits his image, but it’s a good bet that if he really is going to be picked up by the Aussie feds that the animals he turned loose probably turned into large chemical ridden monsters that were responsible for eating preschool children. It’s unfortunate that Maxie was close-lipped about the real reason she was ready to get married. At least we didn’t have to wait too long for that move. In the scheme of things this storyline is moving along. Too bad looks couldn’t kill. If they could Levi would have suffered death from the look Nathan threw his way following the wedding announcement.

Who’s sorry now?
Everybody should be sorry, Sam, Patrick, Silas…Nina maybe not so much. Her issues will best be handled in art therapy. While Silas and Patrick should act more professional, Sam’s big mouth was what got everyone in the biggest PR mess since, well since Patrick’s association with Lisa Nile. Okay, maybe Patrick should feel sorrier, but he shouldn’t be apologizing to Sam. In the end Sam was the one who did the right thing, that is if Nina was a worthy enough human being.

I got here first.
At least someone was crying over Rafe. While Sam was too busy comforting Patrick, Lucy was consumed with blaming herself and missing Scott. That was when things got interesting. Who knew we’d see more fighting between the likes of Bobbie and Lucy than we had between Nathan and Levi. Bobbie really should be wrestling with Scott instead of Lucy for leading her on though. That man was clearly pining over Lucy.