Credit: Goodbye Rafe. (ABC)

The GH Rant from July 14 – 18:

This week ran the gamut between the ridiculous and the extremely sad. It happens every now and again, but this time was exceptional.

Oh, for Heaven’s sake.
The whole immigration debacle was disturbing and stunk to high heaven. It was inevitable that Maxie would find a number to a so-called immigration person on Nathan’s phone. Now we’re just waiting for the flashback where Levi made the call like before. What we really need to see is someone catching Levi paying off the fake immigration dude. Nathan’s right, we need the old Maxie back.

Don’t even think it.
It can’t be possible but it’s likely many of us are thinking it. The crazy ridiculous paths future storylines could take. Perhaps Nina could have a brain tumor, just like Franco did. She’ll get it removed and rip up her revenge to-do list. And Rafe could be a vampire who comes back to the show to haunt Lucy. Who knows, these things may come to pass. It might even be more likely that they do than it would be that Dante would figure out something’s not kosher in regard to Delia stealing Sonny’s flash drive or that Michael would speak to Alice about Tracy to clear things up in a reasonable amount of time.

Go ask Alice?
Yes, we all wish Michael would. Both Michael and Tracy need a reality check. He should have instinctively known that Tracy was up to something and Tracy should have known her place at the hospital. She is not the candy-striper who collects and redistributes hearts. One fan on Twitter summed up her new predicament nicely.

Pretty soon Sonny will come to the realization that he will need to kill everyone in Port Charles to keep all of his secrets dead and buried. The fact that Franco has gotten under Sonny’s skin the most is just the best news ever. He’s probably a more worthy adversary than Jax was. I hope they never get along.

Spence, Joss and Britt.
For a second it was possible that Joss was onto Britt, but no, she was just working for Spence who bribed her with chocolate. Yes, the little guy has learned all of his moves from Nikolas probably. It’s possible they’ve found the right balance of annoyances the viewers can take from the kids.