So young for so many worries.

A 1979 throwback in Port Charles finds another youngster distressed enough to drive upset on “General Hospital” and get into an accident.

Rafe recently drove off with Molly distraught by something he had done which in turn led to a fatal car accident for him. A less tragic accident occurred in the seventies which left many questioning their loyalties to one another.

In 1979, Laura Webber kept family and friends waiting up late at night when she never returned home. A late night call brought the bad news to Lesley and Scott that Laura had been involved in a car accident when her car ran off the road. Laura probably had a lot on her mind back then while on probation for the accidental death of David Hamilton and reeling from her on again off again romance with Scott Baldwin. Her loss of friends and lovers may have been too much to bear for one so young. The adult influences in her life didn’t lead respectable lives but following her accident a few attempts were made by others to make things right. Rick let Monica down easy to give his marriage another chance. Scott had a heart to heart with Monica in hopes that Laura and she could make amends and become friends again. Luke had a talk with Bobbie requesting that she stop messing with Scott and Laura.

While it could have been a culmination of any number of events that caused Laura’s accident, one particular event was the catalyst for her running off the road. Do you remember what it was? Vote in’s Throwback Thursday Poll to tell us.