Horror film.

“General Hospital’s” Maura West (Port Charles’ Ava Jerome) appears in the upcoming horror film “Come Back To Me.” The film is based on the novel The Resurrectionist by Wrath James White. It has been adapted to screen and directed by Paul Leyden (ex-Blake Joseph, “The Young And The Restless” and ex-Simon Frasier, “As The World Turns”).

The film is about a young married couple, Sarah (Katie Walder, “How I Met Your Mother”) and Josh McLaren (Matt Passmore, “The Glades”). After a car accident, Sarah suffers a series of memory lapses and blackouts that grow increasingly worse. Soon Sarah learns that she is pregnant, even though her husband is sterile. To find the truth about what is happening to her, Sarah plants a hidden camera in her home. What she discovers involves a terrifying and dark secret about her strange neighbor Dale (Nathan Keyes, “Cleaners”). West plays the part of Eileen in the film and has a connection to the neighbor Dale, while at the same time warning Sarah of the true nature of the danger she is in.

“Come Back to Me” will be released in limited theaters and on all digital platforms on July 25. You can watch the trailer for the film right here on Soaps.com.