Credit: Never mind the PCPD. (ABC)

The GH Rant from July 7 – 11:

A few minor surprises didn’t make up for the expected storyline fails any of us could imagine with our eyes closed. This viewer was left pining for something more than who would supply a heart for the housekeeper.

Oh, for Heaven’s sake.
Deathbed confessions are usually a fail and so it was with Rafe’s attempt to tell Patrick what really happened the night he ran him off the road. Viewers are forced into awaiting the return of Faux Luke and hoping that someone else nails Nina for her wickedness. Tracy was the one who turned up the ick factor another notch when she looked interested in the news that Rafe was brain dead. Then, we just had to cross our fingers that Alice could spit out what she overheard Tracy saying to Faux Luke.

Penny for your thoughts.
Delia played the part well of acting the annoying houseguest while trying to pull one over on Sonny with Ava. It was no surprise that her talents extended to being able to crack a safe and banter hardily with Olivia while trying to keep her cover. Alas, poor Delia was whisked away by Shawn because Olivia was smarter than that. Hopefully it won’t be the last time Delia entertains us because Ilene Kristen rocks with all the quirkiness she brings to her character.

Thank you fireworks.
Sonny and Olivia may have been stuck on the last Fourth of July but Nina was appreciating the effects of the recent fireworks with her husband until Rafe botched everything up, followed by Sam and Cuckoo, well she meant Kiki. Nina probably felt vindicated when Rafe didn’t make it through surgery so she could continue seeking her revenge.

It was another week of the writers remembering our characters have love lives (or hope to have them). Franco and Carly, Shawn and Jordan, Alexis and Julian, and Nate and Maxie were thrown together to work on issues or be supportive of one another. Special mention goes to the Lucas, Brad, and Felix triangle…and maybe the Michael, Morgan, and Kiki triangle that we got a little teaser of. Is Kiki going to go fickle on us? I hope so even though nothing was as exciting as what brewed between Maxie and Nate unless you count Nina’s watchful eye on Silas. Still, love is lukewarm in the city. This is not turning out to be the hot summer of love we had hoped for yet. At least Franco explaining to Carly how he obtained his new job in art therapy and Maxie and Nate trying to explain their evening handcuffed together to Lulu and Dante respectively was amusing.