Credit: What have I done? (ABC)

The GH Rant from June 30 – July 3:

It was a short holiday week destined to be fast-paced and full of surprises and fun. The writers successfully fit it all in four days and knocked it out of the park as hard as Nina hit her new therapist.

We have not yet begun to fight.
Who could not love Levi’s sit-in under Morgan and Kiki’s watch? Like Levi even cares about Port Charles. Maxie joining him was a laugh that only got funnier when Michael showed up and tried to set them straight before calling the police. It will be interesting to see if Occupy Port Charles goes anywhere. At the very least it would be a nice topic to further separate Maxie and Levi. There must be something more he can do to alienate Maxie. Perhaps the ELQ Waterfront Revitalization Project is Levi’s primary concern even though it doesn’t seem likely. There must be some purpose to Levi’s presence on our TV screens. We need a hint of what it is soon.

Please. Call me Sonny.
The arrival of Delia at Ava’s request for her to come to Sonny’s had to have been the best bit this week. The interaction between Maurice Benard and Ilene Kristen was off the charts funny. It’s not likely Delia can save Ava and I’m actually quite surprised she cares enough to try since Ava’s been nothing but trouble for her.

Rafe found the time to ask for help when he realized he was out of money and out of drugs. Unfortunately his world came tumbling down when he overheard how everyone knew he drove the car that killed baby Gabriel and he looked to the wrong person for help in the end. Here’s to hoping that his experience on the run from his father will allow him to handle Nina after he’s off of his drug kick. She’s not the type of person you want to owe for her help. He really should have jumped at the opportunity to tell Silas his troubles after Silas spilled how much he loved him and wanted to make a difference in his nephew’s life.

A lot of characters got caught this week. First lesson, learned by Franco, don’t cross Carly. Sonny’s the game changer. There’s no shaking that albatross off of her back. Carly caught Franco about to tell Michael Sonny shot AJ and it was time for Franco to grovel. Olivia may have caught Carly talking BS since it’s not possible Sonny sleeping with Ava had anything to do with Connie. Tracy got caught, probably twice. It’s a good thing Alexis is on to her because who knows what will happen to Alice. The last Quartermaine staff member who entered the hospital didn’t come home. Ava got caught trying to pull one over on Sonny. Talk about a backfire, he was eager to let her live with her mother. You make your bed, you lie in it. Rafe got caught and it’s likely he’ll run even though he had the best catch of the week out of everyone, Nina walking and spouting her mouth off about her plans. It’s always the best catch that involves blackmail. After all these catches I felt as if the storylines were moving along even if they all weren’t wrapped up nicely.

Enter stage left: Travis.
Nina’s list of players grew as she manipulated her GH physical trainer, Travis, to help her keep her secret. Is there anyone at that hospital that won’t take a bribe? Shame on her for enlisting Rafe in her little scheme. It’s absurd since he’s aware that everyone he cares about knows that he forced Patrick off the road. There’s nothing to lose by coming forward, outside of someone learning about the drugs.