Credit: (Benjo Arwas)

“I was totally born in the wrong century.” spoke with “General Hospital’s” Ryan Paevey to get his thoughts on his Daytime Emmys red carpet interview, and to dish on his character, Nathan West. The actor talks about the huge changes in Nathan’s life, the possible identity of Nathan’s father, some scoop on what’s ahead for Nathan and Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and much more. Also, find out what surprising tidbit he shared about himself, and why he says he’s a total geek. You recently attended the Daytime Emmy Awards and were interviewed on the red carpet by the social media girls. You handled yourself very professionally in light of their comments, which many found disrespectful, even unacceptable. What was that experience like and what was going through your mind?

Paevey: At the time I think my level of surprise was relatively low. I knew that they had hired some social media people who were not really hosts; I knew that the lady who was speaking to me was a Vine person. So just knowing the medium a little bit – she’s going to be a comic, she’s going to say some things – they’re going to get people’s hackles raised a little bit. I think I was surprised that the ‘r’ word [rape] flew out of her mouth a little bit, but I think it was in the spirit of joking, and while I don’t condone the topic as a subject of humor, I understood that the exchange was intended to be a humorous one. So I walked away from it, honestly, not really thinking anything of it other than, “It was an odd interview, at least it’s over, I’m going to go sit down and have dinner now.” I came to realize, obviously, the next day that it was perceived slightly differently. It was pretty controversial.

Paevey: I do think that the interviews on the red carpet were not handled professionally. Nobody really knew anything about the shows that we were on, or who we were, or anything like that. Not a single question was asked about why we were there that night. But I still enjoyed the evening. I got to spend time with the people I cared about, I liked to watch – it was my first experience; my first red carpet event. I don’t think the interview took away from the positivity of the night for me. So you’ll walk the red carpet next year?

Paevey: If they’ll have me, of course. Switching gears to “General Hospital,” are you surprised at the popularity of your character despite the complaints that there are too many characters and storylines?

Paevey: I have been surprised. When they bring you on a show obviously you’re going to keep your fingers crossed that your character is popular because that’s good for everybody. But I have been surprised at the response – it’s been really overwhelming, truthfully, both from people reaching out on social media and fan mail. So, I would say I’ve been very surprised; pleasantly so. What has it been like working with your ‘mothers’ – the talented Kathleen Gati (Dr. Obrecht) and Donna Mills (Madeline)?

Paevey: Oh they’re both awesome. When I went to the Emmys I ran into Donna Mills and I hadn’t seen her since we shot our last scene, so it was nice to get to talk to her for a little bit. I look forward to working with her again. They’re both awesome to work with; they’re both fantastic actresses. Anybody who’s watched TV in the last thirty years has probably caught Donna Mills on something and if you were watching the Nurses’ Ball you saw Kathleen Gati – that woman can act, she can sing… I’ve been fortunate to work with a lot of very spectacularly talented people. So, Nathan has had quite a bit to deal with – his mother was revealed to be his aunt, which made Dr. Obrecht his mother, Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) his sister, and Nina (Michelle Stafford) his cousin. Also, he discovered it was Madeline, not Silas (Michael Easton), who put Nina in the coma. How has all of this changed him?

Paevey: I think he’s just a little dumbfounded. So much of his personal family life has just slid sideways. His sister, whose relationship with him he’s held kind of sacrosanct [is now] his cousin. I don’t know that that’s necessarily going to change the nature of their relationship; the caring is still there, but I think his level of trust in everything has been changed. His understanding and definition of his world – everything is different. People are lying to him…I think it’s going to be difficult for him to trust people, it’s going to bring some walls up a little bit. I think there’s also just that element of being dumbfounded. There are other things going on in his life right now; and these big changes he still has to process. Like we do sometimes, it’s kind of getting pushed to the back a little bit when he has to deal with his job, or the situation with his love life, or things like that. I think there’s a bit of numbness to the magnitude of these changes. It seems Nina is definitely ready to cause some trouble. Will this affect Nathan or their relationship?

Paevey: It will at some point, I’m sure, because Nina is going to cause some trouble. But Nathan doesn’t know her as that, and I think it will be a complicated reveal because in Nina’s life, Nathan is the one good thing; the untouchable thing, but she’s going to hurt him, I think. Not intentionally, but there is going to be some pain, there is going to be a reveal of betrayal and this perfect image Nathan has of Nina in his mind will change again. Another slide sideways for Nathan – this person that he thought was one thing is actually another. What about Nathan’s father. Do you think we’ll ever meet him and do you have thoughts on who his father might be?

Paevey: I think we’ll meet him. If I had to venture a guess, I would probably have to say that he’s going to be a Cassadine.