Friends? (ABC)

The GH Rant from June 23 – 27:

It was hard to tell the monsters from the babysitters and the babysat this week and it’s possible the feeling that something big could happen has fizzled out. Is it just a slow start to the summer in Port Charles?

Oh, for Heaven’s sake.
It’s surprising the only help Franco needed babysitting Joss was Kiki. It’s too bad Heather wasn’t on more amicable terms with whoever replaced her last benefactors. With her stuck in Miscavige, we’re missing all the great moments she could be having with her possibly, soon-to-be step-grandbaby. Who knows, her and Joss might hit it off someday. What we do know is that there will never be any love lost between Carly and Ava.

Ava aims to please in the mean category. It’s surprising that woman hasn’t been the death of Sonny yet. Threatening to drink pregnant was not cool. Sonny deserves what he gets though. Nine months of torture can’t be enough for all his mob crimes.

Tag team.
Even meaner this week, Nina and Rosalie, who apparently has been in training for the part of her life while Nina was in therapy. Here’s another man who could get what he deserves. Really, Silas hasn’t thought to consult with all of Nina’s doctors yet? What would be really nice to see is Obrecht messing with Nina at the hospital. Even better, Britt and Brad could mess with her after they know she can walk.

Camp Lila’s Kids.
The only thing remotely entertaining about this would be hamming up Alice more. Alice should stick around. She might be the one who could foil Faux Luke’s plans.

How to recapture a Cassadine.
Dr. Obrecht had me at “potent” but overall the slide show was entertaining. It’s hard to believe her Britta could keep a straight face. The bit might have been funnier if the slide show accidentally was played during a true efficiency seminar.

Good news.
Franco and Sam are working again. Yes, it is about time.