“Most of all, I want you Monica.” – Alan

A 1980 “General Hospital” throwback brings us a famous love triangle story in Port Charles history with a twinge of craziness.

Nina Clay awoke from her coma and inserted herself into the lives of her husband and his current girlfriend at her earliest convenience. In recent days it’s come to light that her motives are sinister as much as Alan Quartermaine’s were back in the eighties when he was obsessed with tearing his wife Monica away from her lover, Rick Webber.

In 1980 Monica and Rick were embroiled in a heated love affair that drove Alan insane and annoyed Tracy who was at risk of losing out to the newest Quartermaine heir, AJ. As usual, Monica was surrounded by enemies within the Q clan but thought nothing of Alan’s obsession with what he called his latest masterpiece, AJ’s baby room. What Alan dubbed his masterpiece was really the scene he set up to be the final resting place of Rick and Monica. He had rigged the construction in the baby room so that the skylight would collapse during AJ’s party onto the cheating couple. He asked them to meet him upstairs during the party. As they waited for him to meet them to share his big surprise, Monica shared how much stress she was under. Rick was eager to help and agreed they needed to raise AJ together and end this charade.

Alan had a change of heart when he considered that it would be obvious that he was the one who put the disaster in motion. He tried to rush upstairs but was delayed at every turn. He made it in just enough time to distract them and then push them out of the way enough to spare them their lives. The three of them survived but had stays in General Hospital where Rick and Monica shared how thankful they were for Alan saving their lives. Soon after however, the cheating couple was meeting to plan the rest of their lives together after considering divorces to Alan and Leslie while Alan had moved on to his next task at hand, buying a gun.

The couple’s planning was not worry-free. While Rick worried about whether Monica would leave Alan without AJ, whom he thought was his baby, Monica worried about something else that could destroy them. Do you remember what her greatest concern was? Vote in Soaps.com’s Throwback Thursday Poll to tell us.