The honeymoon's over. (ABC)

Oh, it was soapy goodness this week with the true colors of more than one character trying to bust through. They weren’t fooling the viewers.

Oh, for Heaven’s sake.
So, Nina has been awake long enough to be able to accept her life has changed drastically, but she can move on and support Silas and Sam’s relationship? Maybe about as much as Sam can easily accept that Nina’s moved in with Silas. Sam appeared all understanding of Nina’s predicament until she learned of her living situation. She couldn’t seem to wrap her brain around it. How big is Sam’s penthouse? What, Silas can’t move in with her? There are two other capable humans living with Nina…and probably room for Nathan who should be happy to move out of the Temple of Levi. But no, Sam had to go and display her insecurities and it didn’t take long for Nina to use it to her advantage. Oh, she’s a worthy adversary. Game on!

Living arrangements.
Nina’s not the only one with housing woes. Morgan’s busy trying to find a place to call home when he can’t move out fast enough after Franco’s pop art takes over Carly’s home. Why he should care after his misconduct with Ava is a hoot. Sadly for Franco, he just became the live-in babysitter because of course Sonny needs Carly. They’re the two musketeers who can’t convince even Dante that they can tell the truth.

Oddly, the man who would try to kill his own sister is upset over Ric Lansing’s predicament. No more hatred no more violence? He may not be dishing it out anymore, but one thing’s for certain, Duke hasn’t stopped obsessing over what his and Anna’s kid would be like today if not for Julian killing their baby. The mob war has turned vengeful for both Duke and Sonny for very personal reasons.

True colors.
Suddenly, loss of life bothered Levi but he had no problem dishing out some violence. Was there anything not funny about the physical and verbal altercation between Levi and Nathan? Violence wasn’t his only issue. It was too easy to suspect that he was responsible for Maxie’s moved up court date and the judge trying to force Nathan into lying under oath. Oh look, here comes Levi to save the day instead. I’m not buying it. Meanwhile, all is right with the world when we can appreciate that Ava’s character hasn’t changed her lying ways. After watching Julian lie to Sonny about Ric we can see where she gets it from. Less sinister and just plain silly was Franco. His amusing ways helps us to believe that he is Heather Webber’s offspring. What wasn’t believable this week but passed right under Michael and Kiki’s noses was Tracy in cahoots with Faux Luke. ELQ hasn’t seen this much action in ages. It’s exciting that the last standing Qs won’t go down without a fight.