“I can’t believe she did that.” – Frisco

A 1985 “General Hospital” throwback visits another set of brothers in Port Charles struggling through hardships caused to their family by a woman.

It wasn’t enough that Michael and Morgan had to overcome the misdeeds between them over their fighting for the love of Kiki. They also had to overcome the misdeeds of Ava who brought further discord to their family in recent events when she slept with their father, not unlike the Jones brothers faced years ago.

In 1985 while Tony was preparing for his wedding to Tania, he told her the tale of his falling out with his brother Frisco from when Frisco caught him in bed with their ailing mother’s nurse, Rita. Tony had never told Frisco about how it was the same night that their mother died. Frisco kept his own secret about Rita that he shared with Felicia of how Rita was sleeping with their father at the same time unbeknownst to Tony despite the fact that Rita married their father two weeks after the death of their mother. Frisco was angry that Tony intended to invite Rita to his and Tania’s wedding and was distraught enough over the whole situation of betrayal towards his mother that he refused to go to their father’s funeral when he died.

Rita’s actions temporarily lost their hold on the Jones family at one point when Frisco and Tony decided that nothing mattered more than the two of them having each other. Do you remember what event made them care less about Rita? Vote in Soaps.com’s Throwback Thursday Poll to tell us.