For love, riches, or a top secret project?

A “General Hospital” throwback to 1983 finds a few couples thrown together for more reasons than love and someone leading a double life in another’s shoes.

While Luke was confronted with his doppelganger recently it’s possible that the man who taunted him with the news that he’d married Luke’s love Tracy brought to mind another Quartermaine who married another under false pretenses. It’s no coincidence that the man in question was responsible for dragging Luke into another crazy adventure in the eighties.

In 1983 Luke had returned from the dead when he came home alive from an avalanche accident that friends and family thought he died in. His effort to get on with his life after learning his lover Holly had married his best friend Robert Scorpio was soon thwarted when Russian spy Grant Andrews came on the scene to impersonate Grant Putnam who was also presumed dead. Andrews had no trouble slipping into Putnam’s life and married Putnam’s fiancee, Celia Quartermaine, a move that left her better off compared to life with Putnam who was known for such dastardly deeds such as killing his own brother in a skiing accident as a teenager and murdering a doctor to escape a sanitarium.

As a spy, Andrews infiltrated Port Charles in search of the prized Prometheus Disc for the DVX. No one was safe in Andrews’ pursuit and a kidnapping of Luke and others ensued after Luke gained possession of the disc. Andrews’ boss Gregory Malko, and their cohorts, threatened to kill a hostage if the then Police Commissioner Scorpio didn’t help Malko get the final piece of the puzzle. Scorpio obliged when he learned Holly was involved, even though he married her just to keep her from being deported when Luke was missing.

Celia and Holly weren’t thrown together randomly in this adventure with Luke. Besides Luke having a past relationship with Holly and Celia being married to Andrews, do you remember what the two women had in common? Vote in’s Throwback Thursday Poll to tell us.