“Nurse Bobbie Spencer, it’s an honor to have a legend like you walking these halls.” – Nurse Felix Dubois

A throwback to 1978 Port Charles enlightens us with the knowledge that today’s “General Hospital” nurses aren’t the only ones with experience in deception.

Brad Cooper may not have heard of Nurse Bobbie Spencer but he certainly had pulled a few tricks from her playbook when he was helping out Dr. Britt Westbourne to become head of the lab. While high praise might be suitable to the retired nurse, her caring bedside manner wasn’t always as selfless as when she broke up Brad and Felix fighting over Lucas in his hospital room. There was a time when Nurse Bobbie manipulated others at the hospital to serve her own purposes.

In 1978 Bobbie found herself grasping at straws in trying to steal away Scott Baldwin from Laura Webber. Luke thought pretending to be pregnant was the way to go and it worked like a charm long enough for Scott to plan a getaway wedding in Canada so they wouldn’t have a baby out of wedlock. At the same time he planned their divorce so he could marry Laura when he got her to trust him again. A wrench was thrown into Bobbie’s plans when Scott wanted proof that she was pregnant. Her big brother Luke pulled her through with another devious plan to swap blood tests with a pregnant patient. Bobbie wasn’t sure she had it in her to do it but she did and didn’t think twice when she thought about how much she wanted to marry Scott in the hopes that she would take him away from Laura. Unfortunate for her, the doctor realized there was a problem with the test results and scheduled another with Scott’s knowledge despite Bobbie’s pressuring him to move forward with the wedding without further proof.

Although Bobbie’s plans unraveled and Scott learned she wasn’t pregnant, Laura had already learned about the pregnancy and the fact that he was messing around. Do you remember how she found out? Vote in Soaps.com’s Throwback Thursday Poll to tell us.