Credit: Dress by Mary Iannelli! (

This week Mary Iannelli, the head of wardrobe for General Hospital, tells readers about the dress that she designed and for whom. Read below to find out which actress has such an amazing figure that she wanted to showcase it!

Meagan (and Susan): Where can I find the red and silver necklace worn by the character Rebecca Shaw on March 17? I absolutely love it!

Mary: Rebecca’s necklace was purchased in New York from a street vendor.

Barb: Hi, I have seen Maxi wearing many dresses that have the zipper visible on the back. Can you tell me who is the designer and where do they sell them?

Mary: It’s true Maxi does have a few dresses with exposed zippers. They are by a couple of different designers one is Rebecca Taylor, a couple of others are by Marc Jacobs.

Michele: Can you tell me who makes the grey dress with the black bow that Maxie wore on the March 17 episode and where it can it be purchased? Her clothes are always so stylish!

Mary: On March 17 Maxie actually had a skirt, a top, and a cardigan. The top with the bow was by Marc Jacobs, the cardigan was by Moschino, and the skirt was from Express.

Denise: I loved Sam’s red sweater she wore on March 17! Where is it from?

Mary: Sam’s red sweater was by Clear Pruitt.

Tricia: Could you tell me where the earrings came from that Carly wore on the March 18 episode when she is renewing her vows with Jax? Thanks so much.

Mary: Carly’s CZ earrings were from Bloomingdales.

Lyn: Could you please tell me who the designer is and/or where I could find the coat and sweater that Maxie Jones was wearing on the March 6? The coat has a circular pattern on it with distressed edges and the sweater is black with a sheer neckline and buttons.

Mary: Maxie’s grey dot coat is by Tibi, her cardigan with the rhinestone buttons is by Niki Biki and her dress was hot pink with black by Cynthia Steffe.