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The GH Rant from May 27 – 30:

It was a short week that just kept getting better and better despite a few diversions into the ridiculousness. Could they maybe play “General Hospital” on Saturday so we wouldn’t have to wait through the weekend?

Faux Luke-warm.
Each week, more people wonder what’s up with Luke. As warm as we think they are getting, it wasn’t long before the hint of truth is cold again. What is wrong with Anna and the PCPD? There should have been news with a photo of Luke’s unidentified hit man for anyone to identify made public. Apparently that’s not going to happen and it’s too bad because Lulu can identify she saw the man. It would be a wasted lead though since she’d probably go to Faux Luke first anyway. For all the threats he continues to throw around it’s not possible he’d be able to hire anymore hit men if word gets out that he killed the last one so maybe people should be a little less afraid of the crazy man who is hooked to the most high maintenance ball and chain in town. It was funny that her biggest worry about him was the fact that he was missing all the time. That’s Luke, what’s not Luke is holding a gun to Ned. Luke’s excuses and whacked out lies for everything are so unbelievable that viewers have to ask themselves, “What is in the drinking water of Port Charles?”

Farewell for now, Lucas Lorenzo Spencer.
Like the real Luke, we suffered through the rantings of Faux Luke prior to his big reveal fake out before he left on his honeymoon with Tracy. Anthony Geary brought sadness and insanity to the episode and although it was so very annoying that we still don’t have confirmation of who is masquerading around as Luke, the episode was brilliant.

Oh, for Heaven’s sake.
Give us a baby-break already. Are the writers kidding us? Sonny slept with the enemy, was about to show us his rage not unlike the rage that burned in him when he learned Claudia Zacchara was responsible for Michael getting shot and lying in a coma, and Ava is pregnant? They already had built us up for the poignant goodbye with Ava’s promise to see Kiki tomorrow. Not. I guess they might see each other soon since Sonny is all about family. Here’s a baby name for the two of them…how about AJ?

Ric, Nik and Liz.
You can’t say the name Liz without there being two other names attached to the conversation. The Liz triangle of the moment continues to include Ric and Nik. With Ric being arrested there will be no way to keep Liz all warm and cozy in his bed so bets are on for how long it takes her to relocate to Wyndemere to warm up Nik’s bed if she doesn’t believe in Ric’s innocence.