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The GH Rant from May 19 – 23:

It was a pretty intense week that began with eerie opening music including a hint of Darth Vader-like breathing to complement more than one story filled with an air of mystery.

The mystery that lost traction fast after Julian Jerome’s dinner party was Silas’ mystery ‘me’ who sent him flowers. It will be disappointing if his wife always signed things to him as ‘me’ and he’s not making the connection now.

Plus one.
Felix accepting a date with Lucas to go to Julian’s party started out romantic until his date took a bullet. Hopefully this turns out well because as far as Felix goes, he’s a much likable character where Lucas is concerned as is Julian when he is with Alexis. This was the best dinner party ever, until dessert was about to be served. It’s hard to remember what Julian did with his gun but gun or no gun; shouldn’t he at least have guards to protect him and his family? Sonny does.

Faux Luke.
Ranking higher on the creep-o-meter this week was Faux Luke. It became clearer that there was no possible way that this was Luke Spencer. Being a mob boss is too much like work and in recent years, work is not Luke’s forte. While fans may be eager to find out if the real Luke is alive, safe and sound somewhere, Anthony Geary (Luke) has been having his fun playing whoever has stolen Luke’s identity. He certainly is a force to be reckoned with and all should heed Julian’s words of advice to be very, very careful.

Whoa, now we know where Robin gets all her self-righteousness. Anna came off quite smug while viewers enjoyed the irony that her ultimate target, Julian Jerome, isn’t the kingpin she thought he was. Adding insult to injury was the fact that her colleagues don’t trust her.

Six months.
Nathan was more challenging and relevant to Maxie than Levi could ever hope to be and made her think about Georgie and maybe consider the custody hearing as an option to get her life back on track. Unfortunately the story is too disjointed with the long periods of absence from the show. Romance does not get a fair share of airtime. We get clusters of it here and there followed by the usual love drought.