Wrong time, wrong place.

A marriage slowly crumbled in Port Charles on “General Hospital” in the eighties despite all the good intentions in the world.

At this year’s Nurses’ Ball, Kevin seemed to find himself in quite the same predicament with Lucy that Scott was in with Laura in the eighties when she lived a lie while trying desperately to hold onto her marriage. Any attempt for them to do the right thing didn’t work now for Lucy as it didn’t work then for Laura and the irony in it all was that like Scott trusted Luke, so did Kevin trust Scott.

In 1980 Scott and Laura’s intimacy suffered quite the hit following her rape. Laura found numerous distractions to widen the distance between them. Her parent’s divorce was quite useful for this as she found it necessary to run to her mother’s side often. Laura found comfort in discussing her true feelings with Rick and confided her only recourse was to put distance between herself and ‘the other man’. Unbeknownst to her, Scott was showering Luke with praises for always looking out for her and made plans for them both to go to Luke’s disco. As hard as Laura tried to stay away she and Luke were always being thrown together in one way or another. Scott didn’t even bat an eye when he and Luke arrived at the Webber’s both armed with a bouquet of flowers. She wanted it to stop and begged Scott to move them out of Port Charles.

Things were hopping at the Webber’s despite Lesley’s inability to cope with her divorce from Rick. Do you remember why both Luke and Scott were delivering flowers? Vote in Soaps.com’s Throwback Thursday Poll to tell us why.