“This is our baby…don’t you let her go.” – Scott to Lucy.

In 1993 a baby was born bringing two individuals closer together on “General Hospital” than they had ever been before.

Scott Baldwin recently shared with Dante his understanding of the ups and downs that came with having a surrogate mother. The circumstances were not the same, but the struggle to make it to parenthood were challenging to Scott.

In the winter of 1993 following the death of Scott’s wife, Dominique, Lucy Coe was in the final stretch of her pregnancy with Scott and Dominique’s child. Lucy had been entrusted with the endeavor to keep Dominique alive by giving life to her child. Earlier in the year on her deathbed she confessed that if Lucy wanted a relationship with Scott again to raise the baby with him, she could be supportive of that. Scott and Lucy had already dealt with a failed relationship between the two of them and although Lucy had intended on winning him back when arriving back in Port Charles, she felt differently after getting to know Dominique. Their friendship grew despite the animosity between Scott and Lucy. Scott’s issues with Lucy were unresolved at the time she went into labor unexpectedly with Serena during a blizzard following a spat that sent Lucy running to a spa. In the end that didn’t stop Scott from doing the right thing when he learned Lucy was missing.

Scott was left to help Lucy give birth to Serena in a cabin before getting Lucy to the hospital in time to save her life, an act that included placing baby Serena on a flat-lining Lucy and calling her their own. Do you remember why Lucy didn’t make it back to Port Charles to give birth? Vote in Soaps.com’s Throwback Thursday Poll to tell us what held her up.