What Kevin doesn't know. (ABC)

The GH Rant from May 5 – 9:

Things got messier this week in Port Charles as a few relationships were on the line and an audience gathered for the anticipated doom that usually surrounds the Nurses’ Ball.

Only the phone knows but it wasn’t talking. Carly and Franco turned their little phone fiasco into an episode of “Murder She Wrote” as they tried to make sense of the choppy messages coming from it. What better way for them to find out what was going on than to go on the lam together.

Brotherly love.
If history is correct, Julian never was his own man. Someone else was always giving the orders or getting in the way. The best he could do was out Ava to Shawn for Olivia’s shooting. The story has dragged on so long that it wouldn’t be surprising if any viewers remember if Julian even knows that Ava shot Connie as well. If he did, he’d probably love a ringside seat for when he tells Sonny that.

The takedown.
Ned vs. Faux Luke. The game is on and now Michael wanted in on the action. Kiki can’t protect him any longer. This is no longer a joke so naturally it was time to wait for Luke to do something at the ball. Who knew it would be a shotgun wedding? His performance was incredible in spite of not being able to think anything but that he was the lowest of the low while he took his vows. The ball’s back in Ned and Kiki’s court for next week.

Olivia and Sonny.
Now there’s the passionate scenes, Lisa LoCicero brought it this week when it dawned on her that Sonny was unfaithful. She had finally become a member of the welcome to the real world club when she learned of Sonny’s infidelities. We have to wonder if Tracy will be close behind.

Let’s digress.

Best dressed – There were too many choices considering it was the Nurses’ Ball but Felicia, Olivia, Alexis, Molly, Anna, and Elizabeth stood out. Lucy wore some stunning pieces, but with all that said, Olivia’s dress was probably my favorite.

Sweetest moment – Julian not wanting to kill Ava, after all, he liked her much better than his sister Olivia. Okay, Carlos taking a murder wrap for the love of his life was pretty sweet too.

Classiest moment – Lucas and Felix sharing the red carpet.

Most ironic moment – Duke wanting to celebrate Anna’s latest victory…catching AJ’s killer, or was it Anna apologizing for thinking Duke was lying for Sonny.

The dummy – Mr. Marbles.

The sponsor – Yoplait Greek yogurt.