Faux Luke. (ABC)

The GH Rant from April 21 – 25:

Storylines continued to run on high octane as the adrenalin produced moments of shock and aw at this week’s events in Port Charles, so much so that even the baby drama was probably better received.

In Lucy’s words, it was “Fabu, fabu, fabu!” Sometimes there’s no better place to start than at the end. Ava couldn’t have looked guiltier after Morgan caught her with Sonny. Her eyes seemed to scream out the answer to the question Morgan hadn’t asked yet, “Yes, we had sex!” Despite the lie that followed, Sonny’s outburst was the final nail in the coffin hopefully and the fallout couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. Now maybe Ava will get what she deserves. It was too bad that Olivia will suffer for it though. Carlos possibly mistaking Sabrina’s accident as a message from Ava may result in this AJ/Connie nightmare coming to an end soon, even if it doesn’t seem like it will be soon enough. I’m just thankful Monday will be sooner and we’ll learn if the baby is okay and if Morgan can lose the drama act before he tells Olivia what Sonny did.

Death comes for everyone.
There truly is no better place for a funeral in Port Charles than at the Quartermaine’s. AJ’s memorial delivered. Who knew this might be better than a wedding…okay it is still hard to top the return of Robin at Patrick and Sabrina’s wedding, but the events that played out at the Q’s were what this soap is all about. The dysfunctional families, the dastardly representation of Luke, or whomever he might be, trying to pull a scam on Tracy to bring Sonny down, and a ghost in the mausoleum, it really couldn’t have gotten any better than this, save for Heather perhaps disclosing where the real Luke might be found or AJ’s ghost revealing who shot Connie. All in good time we hope. If it happened too soon we might not have gotten to see Sonny and Ava relieving themselves of their guilt in the crypt before AJ’s body was cold. They’re the same alright, disrespectful to the dead, but so hot. Now we see why Ava’s that relative that no one invites to the family functions…first her daughter’s husband then her boyfriend’s father even after they both acknowledged how much she loved Morgan and Morgan loved her. Ava’s not wrong when she said, “Sometimes love isn’t enough.”

Your services are no longer needed.
It was comedy hour at the PCPD while Diane batted 0 for 2 trying to represent both Franco and Carlos when neither wanted to be let go. It turned into Dante and Diane at the great soap joke-off. The viewers didn’t lose though because the prisoner banter over Ava Jerome later helped Carly get confirmation that implicated Ava.

Let’s digress.

Best dressed – Sabrina. That maternity dress looked great on her.

Worst dressed – Tracy, but she actually looked great and was the only one who could pull off that outfit. Those big fluffy pom-pom buttons made the outfit look too much like an artsy clown suit though. Maybe that was the point for AJ’s memorial.

Best set – The Q mausoleum. That crypt is always hopping with bizarre activities, sometimes where the dead aren’t even concerned.

Best literary reference – Henry James, Washington Square, recommended by Ned as a “timeless tale of a naive heiress who falls prey to a degenerate fortune hunter.” It’s not likely Tracy will read it on Ned’s recommendation since she is blinded by love or someone’s misrepresentation of it.