I’d rather die than hurt you.

A throwback to 1980 “General Hospital” finds us questioning how a tragic Port Charles’ event in 1979 could result in an epic love affair that spanned decades.

It was only a matter of time before someone made the stretch between Luke’s current assaults on Kiki with his past assault on Laura. Ned had no problem drudging up Laura’s rape and the questionable love affair that resulted in 1980 following the news that Luke had been sexually harassing Kiki despite it having no relation to what actually happened to Laura.

Back in 1979, Luke raped Laura on the eve of what he believed to be the last day of his life. He thought he was a walking dead man with nothing to lose because of the local mob kingpin and owner of the disco, Frank Smith. Laura just wanted to be his friend and refused to heed his warnings to leave him alone that night at the disco. She thought she could be a better friend than to desert him. Unfortunately she overstayed her welcome which resulted in Luke taking from her more than he intended. The act was followed by deep regret and remorse for what he had done and love was probably something neither of them would have believed would happen, but it did.

Over time, Luke faced more and more challenges while dealing with Frank, enough that he became involved with Frank’s daughter Jennifer. The relationship started as a diversion for Luke to forget about Laura, who at the same time was having feelings for Luke that she knew she should only have for her husband, Scott Baldwin.

Despite going above and beyond to protect Laura from Frank, who kept a close eye on her after she overheard incriminating evidence at the campus disco, Luke tried to deny his love for her and planned to marry Jennifer. The wedding didn’t go off as planned when it was interrupted by Scott who learned the truth about Luke raping Laura. Scott threw him overboard and left him for dead before the wedding. Luke survived his swim to shore and found what mattered to him most in the world, Laura, and they ran off together in an attempt to escape the clutches of Frank Smith. Luke’s ulterior motive for marrying Jennifer was all for naught. Do you remember why he intended to marry Jennifer Smith? Vote in Soaps.com’s Throwback Thursday Poll to tell us what almost kept Luke and Laura apart.