I trust you not. (ABC)

The GH Rant from April 14 – 18:

A surge of momentum from last week carried the weight of some crucial storylines this week bringing viewers a few shocking developments that made up for where we were left hanging.

Alone at last?
Sonny’s being forced to face his demons brought some of the best performances this week from Maurice Benard, Lisa LoCicero and Sean Kanan. Admittedly I’ve found the ghost visits tiring of late, but Kanan’s return as haunting-AJ was great. LoCicero also rocked Olivia’s confrontation with Sonny. Now can the story make haste to the big reveal that Ava’s responsible for Sonny and AJ’s troubles?

What’s happening?
Duke re-upped, pledging his allegiance to Sonny in a random visit to him. It seemed confusing and out of place, as did the one day that Carly and Franco reentered the screen. Moments like these have us questioning if characters are serving a real purpose. Carly’s appearances haven’t been integrated well lately and are forced when just added as an afterthought to get both her and Franco out in front again. Franco needs to be vested in a story and it’s disappointing that he’s thrown into the mob war and Sonny/Carly drama. If he was associated with the gallery or local art scene in some way that pitted him against Sonny, that might fly, but artist in down-time doesn’t cut it anymore. Maybe he just needs a job.

The dumbing down of Franco.
Speaking of Franco, he started out as annoying when he made it to our TVs. Here is someone who was the mastermind of working his agenda against Jason and it is beyond the stretch of his imagination to understand where Carly is coming from in regard to Ava’s involvement with AJ’s murder. If anyone could figure out this puzzle one would think it would be Franco after all of his experience creating cryptic performance art. I could have screamed for joy when I saw his graffiti all over his room at the Metro Court though. Maybe there’s hope for him yet.

Another couple sneaking back onto screen was Patrick and Sabrina. It was perfect timing, since Carlos was back. We can miss Robin all we want, but for many, Patrina makes us happy. Personally I find it’s hard not to be a fan of both sometimes, especially when the pseudo couple was now celebrating the news that they were having a boy.

The Britch.
Britt was found sulking throughout the hospital and beyond. Her visit to the Falconeri’s to deliver Rocco’s prescription presented a dilemma when Lulu explained Ben was now Rocco. Britt looked as annoyed as she did when Obrecht wanted to call him Cesar. Instead of rating names, the woman might do some good to try to figure out what her mother did with the Falconeri embryo.

Who won’t he bring home with him from the hospital? That man seriously needs to focus on raising Spencer up better and stop meddling in the lives of these forlorn, sick and injured babes. Plus, when he gets a chance he might think better of dismissing Spencer’s accusations that Luke means harm to Uncle Sonny. After Heather Webber had access to the Cassadine stables you’d think that Nikolas would have beefed up the security on Spoon Island. Someone should be reviewing security footage.