Business partner. That’s B-U-S-I-N-E-S-S.

An early 90s throwback on “General Hospital” finds characters in the midst of a drug cartel including the likes of Cesar Faison.

Speculation has been running high as everyone in Port Charles tries to figure out what’s up with Luke Spencer. He doesn’t appear to be himself and there is a good chance he isn’t, he might even be Luke’s lookalike cousin, Bill Eckert, who had been presumed dead. Looks weren’t the only thing the two cousins had in common though as high adventure, intrigue, and scuffles with the law ran close behind their love for wine, women and song.

One scuffle with the law in 1991 found Eckert on trial for the murder of his ex-wife, Nancy Eckert. Nancy had incriminating evidence on her husband and knowledge of his business associates and their unscrupulous dealings in Port Charles after the sinking of the Quartermaine’s S.S. Tracy which resulted in an environmental disaster. Nancy used their son Sly as a pawn, manipulating him to further annoy Eckert. They threatened each other in public and when she ended up dead, Eckert was the only suspect despite the fact that his partners, Cesar Faison, Harlan Barrett, Leopold Taub, and Larry Ashton had wanted her out of the way because of what she knew. Cesar Faison had even toyed with their new drug concoction to use mind control over Anna Devane in an attempt to have her kill Nancy. The attempt failed since Anna had made herself immune to the drug’s effects.

Eckert was left wondering who killed his wife as he sat in the courtroom and entered his not-guilty plea. Things worsened for his case when Robert Scorpio’s evidence was brought to light that Julia Barrett had drawn up a buyout plan to purchase his shares, which would leave him with unlimited access to newfound wealth. Many wondered if he and Barrett were lovers which only made him look guiltier. Eckert stood his ground, making it known that he and Barrett were just business partners.

Eckert wasn’t responsible for Nancy’s death, despite how angry she left him. Do you remember who was? Vote in’s Throwback Thursday Poll to tell us.