We know Scott Clifton as Dillon Quartermaine, the young man in transition these days; between careers, between women, between life stages in general. Soaps.com thought it would be nice to reveal the guy behind the character with the silver spoon in his mouth. Scott has lived in Southern California every one of his 19 years. His real-life family is far from the Quartermaines, in fact, Soaps.com has learned that he enjoyed a very happy upbringing as an only child (who was born on Halloween!).

Scott’s only challenge was that he was �outsiderish� in school. He has said that he ��wasn’t quite a nerd, more like a geek or a dweeb.�

Unknowingly, Scott’s mother jumpstarted his young career as an actor by making him read Shakespeare. It didn’t take long for Scott to becoming enthralled with the classics and even memorized most of the lines in �Hamlet.� A local drama coach was so excited by what he saw in Scott that he gave up every Saturday for a year to work with him.

Scott appeared in a few commercials and then jumped at the chance to audition for General Hospital. He new he didn’t have the traditional soap star hunk factor, rather, he considers himself rather �funky lookin’.� A few months later, he was cast as Tracy Quartermaine’s son Dillon. Soon, he was under soap veteran Jane Elliot’s wing. On the first day of shooting, his TV-mom issued a warning to the entire cast, “This is Scott. He plays my son. You will treat him with respect or you will be hearing from me.�