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The GH Rant from April 7 – 11:

Episodes were solid in Port Charles this week. The music was edgier, speculation ran high in a number of storylines and Maxie returned but was some of the drama over-played?

It was so good to have Maxie back, so great to see Nate smile because of it and so annoying to witness her guru in action and entertaining to see her sporting peace, love, and understanding.

Faux Luke.
Tracy was worried about Luke’s reputation for buying art from a gangster, and figured he had an agenda when he wanted to work for ELQ, but it still felt as if her brain stopped working. More painful to watch was Sonny trying to figure out what was going on. He was already stuck on stupid when it came to Ava. Maybe he saw the light and figured out the trouble with Luke. Their meeting Friday was chilling. The overlay of Spencer sharing his concern about Sonny being in big trouble and not knowing it was touching.

Oh, looky at Ric, trying to change his stripes. He better watch himself, giving up his job like that could have consequences…he and Molly will have to live with Alexis. By the way, what was that about not wanting to be overly dramatic, rushing to Elizabeth’s bedside. So don’t be. I’m a very happy viewer that Ric Lansing is back in town, but if we have to watch Nikolas face off with another man again who wants to stake a claim on Elizabeth, well, I just think not. Ric was working the dialogue while laying down the law with Sonny and in all of three seconds he was at the hospital fawning over Elizabeth in the most annoying way. Please, down boy. Don’t make us sick of Ric before he’s had a chance to stay his welcome.

Alexis was just glowing. Never mind Molly walking in on Julian and Alexis, Ava could have walked into her gallery and found them. Oh wait, they’re not really selling art there anyway. Nothing’s been sold since Heather’s exhibit. Maybe Ava should turn it into a bed and breakfast before Franco’s inspired again and they have to have one of those scandalous openings. The real art was Ava and Silas realizing neither of them had anything to do with murdering anyone. The moment where they both got closure was intimate and real. It was the most genuine Ava had ever been. It wasn’t lost on Morgan who witnessed the exchange, which in turn brought about Ava’s confession that she has a whole life before she met him. It was more like a whole life before he was born, but who’s keeping track? Morgan is too young for all he’s had to deal with since leaving school.