Who’s the dearest of them all?

In the last couple of weeks we’ve had a number of mothers on edge in Port Charles, some near ready to do whatever it takes to fix their child’s life. Ava lied to get closer to Kiki, Alexis interrupted Molly’s special evening with TJ, Carly lied to keep Michael from further hurt from the remaining of his two fathers, and both Dr. Obrecht and Madeline went out of their way to get back at the men who hurt their daughters. It’s just not right, but it is oh so entertaining. We have to wonder how they would match up against the likes of Helena Cassadine and Heather Webber. Let’s pool them all together and consider who is the dearest, we mean craziest, manipulative, most cunning, and maybe cleverest, mother of them all.

If you had to choose just one manipulative mother, who would you choose? Vote in Soaps.com’s “General Hospital” poll to make your selection or share one or more of your own in the comments below.