No introductions necessary.

A throwback to the early 80s on “General Hospital” has us remembering the arrival of a new doctor who wasted no time catching up with a previous acquaintance.

Bobbie shared her troubles with Scott Baldwin this week but before she got distracted over whose home he was wrecking, she called out Dr. Noah Drake’s latest love interest, Anne Logan, for doing the same and ruining her own recent reunion with the doctor. In 1981 when the good doctor arrived on the scene in Port Charles, Anne wasn’t the first nurse who captured his attention, the redheaded Nurse Bobbie Spencer was.

Bobbie had met Noah at a medical convention and the two had dated briefly before the opportunity arose for him to come to General Hospital. While Dr. Jeff Webber was hastily preparing to leave the hospital and Anne Logan to take his son away after more Heather drama, Noah was lined up as the new doctor on staff. Bobbie was glad to hear it after recognizing the name when he called Dr. Steve Hardy to finalize the arrangement. Both Bobbie and Noah wasted no time in getting reacquainted and much to the chagrin of Luke, Bobbie was falling hard. Big brother Luke had warned Noah not to hurt his little sis, but Bobbie was the one dishing out the hurt when she faked being blind to gain his affections. Unfortunately it didn’t last and he moved on with someone else.

Although Noah had found another, he strayed back into Bobbie’s arms. He was still in love with this other woman, but she couldn’t recover from his indiscretion with Bobbie. Do you remember who Noah rebounded to when things didn’t work out with Bobbie the first time around? Vote in’s Throwback Thursday Poll to tell us.