Nowhere to run to baby.

A flashback to “General Hospital” in 1980 finds Lesley Webber, Bobbie Spencer and Joe Kelly forming an alliance to go up against Frank Smith.

Dr. Silas Clay and Sam Morgan are pulling out all the stops to go up against Ava Jerome to prove that Silas is innocent of the attempted murder of his wife. They slyly worked out a plan to involve Delia who seemed agreeable in much the same way that Lesley did in 1980 when she tried to manipulate Frank Smith to do her bidding in an attempt to find Laura.

Luke and Laura had run off in the fall of 1980 causing much concern for Lesley after the murder of Joe Kelly’s father, Paddy. Luke’s Aunt Ruby was recovering from a suspicious mugging that further infuriated Ruby’s niece and Joe’s close friend, Bobbie, while all of Port Charles reeled at the growing violence in town. Lesley was desperate to find Laura and knew Frank Smith was key to her plan so she played nice until he was eating out of her hand. Frank was playing nice in the same manipulative way but Lesley got the best of him first. She put him in the precarious predicament of giving up his daughter Jennifer’s location without being able to get Lesley to disclose what she learned from the police about Luke and Laura’s whereabouts. This furthered Joe Kelly’s agenda and allowed him and Bobbie to strong arm Frank after he was led to believe his daughter was kidnapped. Most of Frank’s troubles were because Frank’s daughter fell in love with Luke which made Laura jealous.

Luke and Laura didn’t just run off. As usual they were embroiled in their own adventure after Luke escaped marrying Jennifer. Do you remember which one? Vote in’s Throwback Thursday Poll to tell us.