“I shouldn’t have come on this trip.”

Parry Shen’s (Brad Cooper) new film, “Unidentified,” is now available on Digital Download and DVD from Mpi/Dark Sky Films. The sci-fi thriller and comedy follows four friends during a crazy weekend of gambling in Las Vegas who get in too deep with a loan shark and find themselves stranded in the Nevada desert. Debt is the least of their concerns when one of the foursome finds a mysterious metal fragment. He goes missing in the night and when his friends catch up with him he’s not exactly the same. As things progress, they begin to think they’re being stalked by something…otherworldly.

Along with Shen, the film stars Colton Dunn (“Key and Peele”), Eddie Mui (Call Back), and Eric Artell (Pair of Kings). Shen and Mui also produced the film. Sci-fi and Shen fans can watch the Unidentified trailer on Youtube.

Monday’s General Hospital is must-see action. Ilene Kristen (Delia) guest stars as General Hospital celebrates 13,000 episodes.

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– Christine Fix