I want us both to live.

A flashback to 1996 “General Hospital” sheds light on Robin’s desire to help out a friend important to her roots in Port Charles.

Robin broke down recently while sharing her difficult decision with Patrick to leave him and Emma behind in an effort to save Jason. Patrick was not moved by her impassioned plea to grab this opportunity to bring the friend back to life who saved her life many years prior. In 1996, less than a year after Jason waited with Robin for the results of her HIV test, Robin was not certain that she would take the protocol but he greatly influenced her to do so.

Robin had suffered after the loss of her love, Stone, who died of AIDS and had infected her with HIV. Her prolonged grief clouded her judgment, leaving her concerned that she might only hurt the ones close to her more. It was too much for Robin to think that Jason could end up suffering as she had but she loved him and decided she would do it for him. It was an easy decision after Jason learned all he could about the condition, even going as far as talking to Alan, Robin’s doctor.

Initially, Jason was upset with Robin for making this about him. He was adamant that the decision should be based on something she wanted to do for herself. Robin decided she wanted them both to live and the protocol was their best chance.

After Robin shared her decision with friends and family, someone was set on helping to pay for the protocol drugs. Do you remember who it was? Vote in Soaps.com’s Throwback Thursday Poll to tell us.